We are a group of security practitioners from different roles trying to come together and organize a grassroots effort to solve issues that we ourselves find frustrating during our day jobs. The core group consists of:

The team

Trey Darley

Bit-flipper and cat-herder at CERT.be; OASIS CTI TC co-chair for STIX/TAXII standards; FIRST groupie; Bokononist searching for my karass; I own my words and my deeds.

Alexandre Dulaunoy

Enjoy when humans are using machines in unexpected ways.

Andras Iklody

Converting coffee into MISP

David Thejl-Clayton

Cyber Defence Center Manager at JN Data in the Danish finance industry, CTIer, Incident Responder and blogger at Security Distractions…

Koen Van Impe

Incident Response & Threat Intelligence

How to get involved

Twitter, LinkedIn Group, YouTube, GitHub